Who We Are

The Calgary Firefighters Benevolent Society was created to serve and assist retired and currently serving Firefighters and their families and other CFD members of the Firefighting community who may need assistance during a crisis.
Calgary Firefighters Benevolent Society

How We Help

The Calgary Firefighters Benevolent Society works to meet identified needs by understanding the needs of our Firefighting community and working to respond proactively to those needs. We hope to improve the outcomes that may be experienced during illness or any other adverse issues an individual or their family might face.

How Do We Do This?

The Calgary Firefighters Benevolent Society was put in place to offer assistance to those in need by:

  • providing assistance by acting as a liaison to community resources through our agency partners;
  • helping firefighters and their families in times of need through aid and volunteer services;
  • providing referrals to specialist services where appropriate;
  • working in conjunction with other agencies and the Calgary Fire Department to ensure fair, reliable and efficient service to our CFD members;
  • identifying cross-cutting issues that affect the Firefighting community and working with others to ensure a permanent proactive response is put in place to address these issues.

In all instances, we seek to find the assistance needed. Please let us know if we can assist.

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What Sort of Support is Provided?

The Calgary Firefighters Benevolent Society has been created to respond to any crises that the Firefighting community may encounter. We welcome requests for support of any kind and at any time. Examples of some of the issues that may be relevant include: a recent cancer diagnosis, a mental health concern, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, issues related to physical accessibility, or any other issue which may be a burden.

How Can I Access Support?

We welcome your request for support. Our health concierge will gather information confidentially about your unique situation and will facilitate a process which will connect you with the help, resources and assistance that is available and appropriate for your unique need.

How do I Apply?

If you are a retired or current CFD member serving the Firefighting community and you or your family need help with a medical issue, send a request in confidence by contacting us.