The Calgary Firefighters Benevolent Society is extensively supported by volunteers. There are numerous ways that your skills can assist our work, such as: volunteering to support our events, helping with supportive work project, joining a committee or our Board of Directors.

Fill out our volunteer application below with your information to find out more about current opportunities.

Volunteer Form
Resume & Letter of Intent
Your resume helps us see if you have skills and experience that are more relevant to certain volunteer opportunities. Please don't feel like you need to alter your resume for this application. We are just trying to create a picture of who you are as a person.
Please attach a current resume and letter of intent, outlining your interest in volunteering at the CFBS. Make sure to include how your skills and experience will fit the job description and enhance the organization and its mission statement. You MUST upload a letter of intent and resume or the form will not allow you to submit. Letter of Intent (Word or PDF documents only) * Resume (Word or PDF documents only) *
Please list a person who would be able to speak about your work or volunteer experience (past employer or supervisor). Please do not list a family member.